Be Hidden

This was Universal Royalty’s 2006 U.K. Limited Edition Print.  The shirt was inspired by a South African friend named Stuart who “lives the dream” of a surfbum/legend/gypsy.  He’s everyone’s friend, and he always reminds you that “Jesus loves you, my bru”.

He walked in while I was finishing a 40′ wide by 18′ tall mural at a Church and found a stencil I had used. It said “Be Hidden” (It’s the last two words in Matthew 5:14, which was the focus of the mural).  He asked me to spray paint it right on the t shirt he was wearing, needless to say, I did.  That gave me the idea for this shirt and Logo. We had a bunch printed up and sent down from London and they sold pretty quickly.

Remember to “Be Hidden In Him.”

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